Lodge, Cabins, Docks, and Grounds


We have rustic log cabins as well as frame cabins, all with screened porches and beautiful lake views in a wooded area. They accommodate 1 – 7 people, and are well equipped for the housekeeping plan. All cabins have a 3-piece bathroom with flush toilet, shower, and sink. A wood heating stove with plenty of split wood, gas cooking range, electric refrigerator, outdoor gas grill and fish fryer, cooking utensils, and all bedding are included. 

The Lodge

Our lodge is open for your use until 9pm each day. We have telephone, television, wireless internet, board games, books and movies to borrow, and a comfortable place to tell your fish stories. Make your fishing game plan over our large lake maps, always on the table in our meeting room. Enjoy the new screened-in porch. We have some tackle items and clothing available for sale.

Suite 2

One room attached to the lodge with kitchen and bathroom with shower. Two single beds. Minimum: one person

Suite 3

One room attached to the lodge with kitchen and bathroom with shower. Two single beds and a sleeper love seat. Three beds, minimum two people.

The Loft Cabin

Kitchen, dining & living areas, two downstairs bedrooms with two single beds in each, sleeping loft upstairs with three single beds, bathroom with shower, screened porch. Seven beds, minimum five people.

The Palace

Kitchen, dining & living area, one bedroom with two single beds, bathroom with shower. New screened porch. Two beds, minimum one person.

The Cabin on the Rock

Kitchen, dining & living areas, two bedrooms with two single beds in each, bathroom with shower, screened-in porch. Minimum, four people.

The Log Cabin

Kitchen, bedroom with one set of bunks & a single bed, bathroom with shower, screened-in porch. Minimum, two people.

The Old Trappers Cabin

Kitchen, dining & living areas (with one single bed), two bedrooms with a set of bunks and a single bed in one & two single beds in the other, bathroom with shower, screened-in porch. Six beds, minimum four people.

The New Trappers Cabin

Kitchen, dining and living areas, two bedrooms, one with a set of bunks and two singles, & one with three singles (7 beds). Bathroom with shower, screen-in porch. Minimum, six people.

The Outpost Cabin

Located on the south end of Williams Lake, accessible only by boat from the main camp (a 6 minute trip). Kitchen with cold running water, propane stove and refrigerator, dining and living area, one bedroom with four sets of bunks (8 beds), screened porch, outhouse, 110v generator, gas outdoor grill and fish fryer. Quiet and peaceful setting with access to these amenities at the main camp: ice, shower, phone, wireless internet, bait & freezer service. Minimum, four people.


Williams Lake Lodge has two sets of docks (new in 2019) so that you will be close to your boat no matter what cabin you stay in. Our north docks serve the Old Trappers and New Trappers cabins. The south docks take care of all other cabins. We use floating docks for ease of use no matter what the water level. Also at the south docks is the fish cleaning house, live bait, cooler ice, boat gas, and a nice deck with table and chairs.


Williams Lake Lodge was cut from the Canadian wilderness and was originally a “fly-in” and then a “boat-in” camp. With the completion of our new driveway in 2017, you now have “drive-in” convenience. From Dryden, follow the yellow signs on the logging road to our driveway, then drive right to your cabin. Gravel paths, 4-foot-wide boardwalks, and safe steps and ramps to the docks make getting around camp easy. Pickup your ice and freeze your take home fish in our centrally located freezer house. Electric power for the camp is supplied by our solar system with generator backup. This state-of-the-art system supplies quiet power 24 hours a day. Relax and enjoy the wilderness without having to “rough it” too much.