Important Stuff

What To Bring

  • Appropriate clothing. Be ready for anything. Layers of clothing are best. Temperatures will range from 32 to 75 in spring and fall, and from 60 to 95 in summer.
  • Rain gear and rubber boots. Knee boots are helpful.
  • Life vest.
  • First aid kit.
  • Food for 6 days.
  • Drinking water.
  • Beverages and snacks. No glass bottles please.
  • Dish soap, paper towels.
  • Bath and hand towels. Dish towels are provided. We have an optional towel service.
  • Cooler.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, cap.
  • Flashlight, lantern.
  • Camera.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Toiletries.
  • Fishing gear.
  • A boat anchor if you want to use one, as we do not provide them.
  • Passport or Passport Card.
  • Book, deck of cards, etc.
  • Your computer, tablet, or smart phone if you wish to use our wireless internet in the lodge. We have a limited amount of data available, so please use the Wi-Fi for texts and emails only, no voice or video calls or streaming. 
  • A spare set of keys for the vehicle is always a good idea.
  • Before you leave home:  Have a copy of the ‘vehicle registration’ and  ‘insurance card’  in the vehicle. Check to see that your health insurance and vehicle insurance covers you in Canada.

What To Bring If You Are Bear Hunting

  • Previous or current gun hunting license (not bow, even if you are only bow hunting) from your home state or a valid Hunting Ontario Outdoors Card. We must see one of these before we can issue you your Ontario hunting license.
  • Firearm of your choice: gun, bow, or crossbow in a case.
  • One or two portable stands.
  • Blaze orange vest or jacket and hat to be worn to and from stands. Camo blaze orange is not accepted.
  • Bug jacket and hat. Bring a Thermacell if you have one.
  • Cooler large enough to take quartered meat and hide home.

Things That We Provide That You Don't Need To Bring

  • Sheets, blankets, pillows.
  • Dish towels.
  • Garbage bags.
  • Gas grill and fish cooker at each cabin.
  • Fans at each cabin.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Ice.
  • Shore lunch pans and shore lunch fish cookers..
  • Boat rags.
  • Coolers for keeping fish in the boat.
  • Plastic bags for freezing fish.
  • Minnow buckets.
  • Landing net.
  • Our boats have pedestal seats.
  • Our boats have depthfinders.
  • Please don’t bring any electric appliances, because our power system will not handle them. Battery chargers and C PAPS are OK.

Crossing The Border

Border crossing tips:

  • You must be vaccinated for Covid-19 to enter Canada. Go to  “vaccination requirements for entry to Canada”. You no longer need a negative Covid-19 test to enter.
  • You must enter your information into the ArriveCAN app before you cross the border. Go to  “Use ArriveCAN to enter Canada”.
  • No fishing bait of any kind, alive or dead, will be allowed across the border in 2022.
  • Take off sunglasses.
  • Do not laugh or joke with customs officer.
  • Answer all questions promptly, clearly and directly.
  • You may be refused entry into Canada if you have been convicted of a felony. DUI is a felony in Canada and you may be refused entry. Click Overcoming Criminal Inadmissibility for information about crossing into Canada if you have a past criminal conviction. It is not impossible. For more information go to N.O.T.O., our tourism operators organization:  If you still have questions, contact Laurie Marcil, N.O.T.O. Member Services Manager/Executive Director, Ph. 705-472-5552, Email: She will be happy to help you.
  • Also check out Information for Visitors to Canada.
  • If you are bringing a child not accompanied by both parents, a permission slip should be brought along. Read “Minor children travelling to Canada” and use this Consent Form, if needed.
  • Remember to only answer questions you are asked. Don’t volunteer extra information not asked for.

A passport or passport card is required for travel to Canada. The passport card is only good for land or sea travel to Canada, not air travel.

You are allowed to bring across the border duty and tax free:

  • 40 oz. of liquor or 24 twelve oz. cans of beer (must be 19 years old)
  • 200 cigarettes and 50 cigars

No minnows, leeches, or nightcrawlers are allowed across the border.

Potatoes are allowed across the border, 10 lbs. per person, US Grade #1, in their unopened original package.

Procedure Once You Are In Canada

The best plan is to follow your road map to Dryden, ON and stay overnight there on Friday night. Remember that HWY 502 is a long, lonely road, so fill up with gas before you cross the border.

There are many places to stay in Dryden. Here is a list of some of them. The rates vary and so does the comfort level. Ask them if they will give you a discounted rate because you are going to Williams Lake Lodge and we are members of Patricia Regional Tourist Council, Northern Ontario Tourist Outfitters, Kenora District Camp Owners Association, and Ontario’s Sunset Country.

If you can’t make it all the way to Dryden on Friday, stay wherever you need to and finish your trip on Saturday morning.

You are now able to drive all the way in to Williams Lake Lodge. No more boating in from the river landing. For those staying at the Outpost Cabin, you will drive into the main camp and then we will boat you to the Outpost Cabin. The trip from Dryden to camp will take you about 1 1/2 hours. You may arrive at camp anytime after 8:00 am on your Saturday arrival date. Please leave your vehicle parked up on the hill adjacent to the solar panels until you check in with us.

Don’t forget your final shopping. You will be a long way from the stores for the next 6 days. 

Dryden Hotels

Best Western Motor Inn, Highway 17, (807) 223-3201

Chalet Inn Motel, 184 Government St., (807) 223-2335

Comfort Inn, 522 Government St., (807) 223-3893

Dryden Motel & Suites, 130 Grand Trunk Ave., (807) 223-6283

Hide-Away Motel, 
700 Government St., (807) 223-5329

Holiday Inn Express, 585 Government Rd., (807) 223 3000

Kowality Motor Inn, 31 Earl Ave., (807) 223-2133

Riverview Lodge LTD, 148 Earl Ave., (807) 223-4320

Timberland Motel, 406 Government St., (807) 223-5395

Town & Country Motel, 500 Government St., (807) 223-2377

Dryden Restaurants

For fine dining, we like Riverview Lodge. A little more casual is the Patricia Inn. These and other Dryden restaurants are listed here:

B&B Roadhouse , 349 A Government St (in Best Western), (807) 223-2000 

Chalet Inn and Restaurant, 184 Government St.,  (807) 223-2335

Mystic Grill at Eagle’s Landing Golf & Convention Centre, Sandy Beach Road, (807) 223-8885

Ho Ho Chinese,  64 Van Horne Ave,  (807) 223-2888

Hong Kong House,  34 Whyte Ave.,  (807) 223-7411l

Husky House Restaurant,  379 Government St.,  (807) 223-5664

Riverview Lodge LTD, 148 Earl Ave., (807) 223-4320 

Masala- East Indian and Greek,  205 Duke St. , (807) 223-8622

Patricia Inn Restaurant,  537 Government St.,  (807) 223-2210 

Pizza Hut,  397 Government St.,  (807) 223-6621

Map and Directions from Dryden to Camp

  • Follow the red route on the map.
  • From Hwy 17 in Dryden take Hwy 601 north (at the stop light by the GM car dealer). Drive 6.7 miles.
  • Hwy 601 turns sharply to the right. Do not turn right. Go straight on the gravel road. Drive 1.1 miles.
  • Turn right. Drive 10.2 miles.
  • Carefully cross railroad tracks. Drive 3.0 miles.
  • Keep left. Drive 5.8 miles. 
  • Keep left. Drive 4.0 miles. 
  • Keep left. Do not turn right onto Williams Creek Road. Drive 2.3 miles.
  • Turn left. Drive 1.2 miles.
  • Stay right. Drive 4.3 miles.
  • Stay right. Drive 0.6 miles. 
  • Turn  right  onto Williams Lake Lodge driveway. Drive 3.6 miles to camp.

Operation of Boats

  • We will show you how to run the motor on your fishing boat.
  • When docking boats, approach docks slowly from a slight angle, and tie boats securely.
  • Life vests are required in the boat; wearing them is a plus. We do not supply life vests, so please bring your own.
  • Wear the kill switch cord when traveling.
  • Do not sit in the front seat on the casting deck when traveling from spot to spot.
  • Safety kits are in the boat.
  • Always check the level of fuel in the gas tanks before going out fishing.
  • Don’t spit sunflower seed hulls or the like in the boat as they clog up the bilge pump and are hard to clean up.
  • Keep worm bedding out of the boat. We have small coolers available for you to use with our “clean worm” system. Ask us how this works.
  • Don’t put any fish, alive or dead, in the livewell. By law, no live fish can be kept.
  • Due to high repair and replacement costs, we must charge you for lost and damaged equipment.
  • The lower unit insurance does not cover the propeller or the skeg. Carbon fiber props cost $30 per broken blade. A broken skeg costs $250.
  • Landing nets are provided and cost $50 if lost or damaged. Don’t use nets to carry fish.
  • Fish measuring troughs are provided and cost $30 if lost or damaged.
  • Minnow buckets are provided and cost $15 if lost or damaged.

Guides Are Available

We strongly recommend hiring one of our guides for at least a day or two. This is especially important for those fishing with us for the first time. Our guides have fished these waters for many years and will put you on fish. A professional guide costs $170 US per 8 hour day based on a party of 2 fisherman. Extra people cost an additional $35 US each. This includes both extra people in the guided boat and any tag-along boats. Gratuity not included. Our guides book up fast, so if you want to book a guide, do it as much in advance as possible.

Fishing Bait

Minnows are normally available at camp. Check with us a few days before your arrival for nightcrawler and leech availability.

Fishing Regulations

All packages include an 8 day conservation fishing license for each adult. An Ontario Fishing Outdoors Card is not included. It is needed to get a license. If you have one, be sure to bring it. The Outdoors Card and other licenses are available at cost. See Fishing licence fees for non-Canadian residents.  The fees listed are in Canadian dollars and we will give the current exchange rate when you pay in U.S. dollars. No fishing license is included or required for children paying 1/2 price, when fishing with a licensed adult.

Williams Lake Lodge seasons, bag limits, and size limits:

  • Walleye and Sauger or any combination: Season opens 3rd. Saturday in May. None over 18″ may be kept. With a Sport license, 4 under 18″ may be kept. With a Conservation license, 2 under 18″ may be kept.
  • Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass or any combination: Season open all year. From January 1 thru June 30, with a Sport license, 2 may be kept (must be under 13.5″). With a Conservation license, 1 may be kept (must be under 13.5″). From July 1 through November 30, with a Sport license, 4 may be kept with no size limit. With a Conservation license, 2 may be kept with no size limit.
  • Northern Pike: Season open all year. None over 27.5″ may be kept. With a Sport license, 4 under 27.5″ may be kept. With a Conservation license, 2 under 27.5″ may be kept.
  • Muskellunge: Season opens 3rd. Saturday in June. None may be kept with either license.
  • Yellow Perch: Season open all year. With a Sport license, 50 may be kept. With a Conservation license, 25 may be kept.
  • Lake Whitefish: Season open all year. With a Sport license, 12 may be kept. With a Conservation license, 6 may be kept.

You must pinch the tail closed when measuring fish. Fish that are to be kept must be killed immediately. Put them on ice in a cooler. You are not allowed to have filleted fish in the boat. Your limit includes fish in the freezer at camp, fish in your possession, plus the fish eaten at shore lunch. For more information, please read “Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources General Fishing Regulations”. Williams Lake and Lac Seul are both in Zone 4, so also read “Regulations Specific to Zone 4”.

How To Get Your Fishing License

An 8 day Conservation license is included in the package price. Others can be purchased at camp or you can purchase them online here:

Buy Fishing License Online 

If you already have a Conservation license (full year or eight day) when you get to Williams Lake Lodge, we will credit the cost of an eight day Conservation license (adjusted to U.S. dollars at the current exchange rate) to your account. We do not give any credit if you already have a Sport license.

If you are going to get your license from us, please fill out and submit the following form for each person wanting a license. Submit the form at least a week before your arrival date and we will have your license ready for you when you get here. Study the above license fees and descriptions, and the seasons, bag limits, and size limits carefully before choosing the type of license that you want. We cannot change the type of license once it is made out. You will find a fill in form to complete and submit to Williams Lake Lodge here:

Conservation policy

As sportsmen and conservationists, we are interested in preserving our wildlife and fishing for our children and our children’s children. We ask that you enjoy your stay with us for what it really is – a peaceful retreat from the busy routine. Catch tons of fish, but release all but what you really need to eat.

Williams Lake Lodge camp policy:  We fully support the MNR’s size regulatons and are taking them a step further. All walleyes over 18″ and all northerns over 27.5″ must be released. C.P.R (Catch, Photo, and Release) is the key to maintaining our fabulous fishery. Keep some small ones to eat (they are the best tasting) and let the rest continue to grow. If you want one for the wall, a replica will last longer and you have the satisfaction of knowing that your trophy still swims. We include an 8 day conservation fishing license with the adult package price. Other licenses are available at cost.

To further encourage the release of trophy fish, Williams Lake Lodge will award a free housekeeping trip (boat gas in excess of 10 gallons not included), for the next year, to the anglers who release the largest walleye and the largest northern pike of the season. We need good pictures showing both ends of the fish in the measuring trough. Do not weigh the fish.

Tips for successful Catch and Release

  • Pinch the barbs down on hooks. This is suggested, but not required.
  • Always wet your hands before touching a fish you want to release. This reduces the amount of protective slime you will rub off the fish.
  • Do not grab a fish by the eyes.
  • Avoid touching the gills.
  • When using a net (neoprene mesh is best) remove the fish as soon as possible so as not to rub off the protective slime.
  • Time is essential. Quickly play and release the fish. A fish played for too long will be too exhausted to recover.
  • Keep the fish in the water as much as possible. Remove the hook as quickly as possible. Single barbless hooks can often be removed while the fish is still in the water.
  • Cut the line and leave the hook in on deeply hooked fish.
  • To revive an unconscious fish hold it horizontally in the water. This may take a few minutes. Do not move the fish backwards through the water. When it begins to struggle, release it.

Fish Cleaning

All fish are to be cleaned in the fish house, never in the cabins. Do not clean fish directly on the countertop. Use the boards provided. Leave the guts in the provided buckets and we will dispose of them. Clean the counters, boards, sink, and floor in the fish house after cleaning fish. For fish you are taking home, package fish one per bag, laying flat, with a one inch patch of skin left on the fillet. Put them in the fish freezer in the freezer house.

Bear Hunting Regulations

Click here for Ontario Ministy of Natural Resources Hunting Regulations. Click her for Regulations Specific to Bear Hunting.

Click here for the Non-Resident Firearm Declaration form that you will need in order to bring a gun into Canada. It is a fillable PDF form. Fill out and print three copies ahead of time, but don’t sign it until you show it to the border crossing guard. This form is for 8.5×14 inch paper, so either use that size paper or, if using 8.5×11 inch paper, set your printer page scaling to “fit to printable area”. Each hunter must have his own form. There will be a $25 charge, payable at the border. If you try to bring a firearm across the border without declaring it, it will be confiscated. Hand guns are not allowed in Canada.


Our lodge is open for your use until 9pm each day. We have television, wireless internet, board games, books and movies to borrow, and a comfortable place to lie about the fish you caught. You may use our phone for $1.00 per minute.

Electric Power

Electric power for the camp is supplied by our solar system with generator backup. This state of the art system supplies quiet power 24 hours a day. We now have power through the night for lights, fans, and CPAP machines. Please help us conserve our power by always turning off lights and fans when not needed.

Dos and Don'ts at Camp

  • Please let us know right away if you have a problem with anything. Communication is the key. Don’t wait until the end of the week to tell us that something wasn’t right. We can’t correct any problems if we don’t know what they are. Let us help you have your best vacation ever.
  • Ice is included in your package price. Please do not waste it.
  • Bring your own drinking water or boil the tap water for 10 minutes.
  • Shore lunch pans are available at the lodge. Don’t take frying pans from the cabins. Please return shore lunch pans to the Lodge.
  • Don’t put grease down the toilet or sink (ask us for a container), or flush paper towels down the toilet.
  • Wipe off the stove after frying with a paper towel, so grease doesn’t build up.
  • Before you use the wood stove, ask us to instruct you on its proper use. Never leave the cabin unattended when a fire is burning in the wood stove. Make sure you know where the fire extinguishers are located. We have them both inside and outside the cabin.
  • Leave the cabin in the condition you found it.
  • Put filled garbage bags out by the ATV path in the morning and we will pick them up.
  • No campfires.
  • At The Outpost:  Dump fish guts on shore, across the bay, well away from the cabin. No campfires. Bring garbage to the main camp often. 
  • Above all, relax and have a great time.